Guide to ContentCoon

Excited about taking control of your content? Let's get you started!

On this page you'll find answers to some of the most frequent questions about ContentCoon.

This guide is still a work in progress, more answers will added shortly!
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What's ContentCoon?

Simplified Social Content Calendar

ContentCoon is a really simple, easy to use Social Media Content Calendar.

It focusses on:

  • Giving you a beautiful overview of your content
  • Helping you to easily organise your content by making it searchable, adding tags, notes etc.

Why ContentCoon?

Tackling the daily 'Content Chaos' with simplicity

Social media tools tend to do a lot: automatic publishing, setting up workflows, analytics, etc. This makes them increasingly difficult to use, complex and expensive.

We choose simplicity and think about what you really need from a tool to tackle the daily 'content chaos'.

We see users combining many tools to 'get the job done'.
Some will use ContentCoon together with a scheduling tool, whilst other are just fine publishing directly on social media platforms.


No, ContentCoon doesn't publish/schedule posts

If you are looking for a scheduling tool, there are already tons of those, such as Hootsuite, Buffer and Sproutsocial.